Message from the Rector

Professor Armand MOYIKOUA

As the first and only public university in operation today, the Marien Ngouabi University (UMNG) occupies a singular place in Congolese higher education. Our institution’s uniqueness has made us a leader in setting the pace for all other institutions of higher education in the country by setting the standards for quality in tertiary education.

UMNG’s primary mission is to train citizens, professionals and executives to effectively contribute to the development of Congo and to help achieve their own personal development.

UMNG unabashed ambition is to become a university for the development of our country and the sub-region. The term “development” is to be understood here in its many dimensions: cultural, social, political and economic. This ambition requires that we work tirelessly to improve a number of conditions including: the development of student housing and reception facilities, the modernization of academic, research, and administrative practices through improvements in the use of information technology and communication, and stocktaking the needs of economic sectors identified as growth drivers for Congo by offering training through the 11 centers that constitute UMNG.

With the construction of several facilities, the implementation of the License-Master-Doctorate (LMD) program, and the revision of its governing laws, UMNG is already engaged in a dynamic that will help it in achieving its stated goals. This momentum needs to be sustained while opening our University through proactive international cooperation. Therefore all actors at UMNG including, faculty, staff, and students, are encouraged to play a concerted role in this dynamic.

Professor Armand MOYIKOUA
Rector, Marien Ngouabi University