Student Organizations

Students have formed several associations some of which are registered at the district level and recognized by the University. The most representative associations among them are members of the deliberative bodies of Marien Ngouabi University, department committees, institutional boards, and even technical committees. The Union of Congolese Students (ULEECo) is one of these associations.

The ULEECo, an association of all students

Since April 1991, ULEECo has defended the moral and material interest of Congolese students. In particular, it acts as an interface between students, primary and secondary schools, and university administrations in all conflicts and negotiations involving these parties. The ULEECo secretariat is located at the Marien Ngouabi University where it is also accredited.

ULEECo’s moto is Education, Defense, Success. The organization is founded on solidarity and its members work together for common causes, as is represented by the association’s emblem: a brown hand holding a blue pen in a yellow circle.

All members have the same right of assistance and to stand for leadership positions at all levels. Members are all subject to the rules of the Union and are prevented from using the Union to promote personal activities.