About Academics

Academics at UMNG

The Marien Ngouabi University (UMNG) offers a variety of courses: standard general training, professional training, vocational training, advanced research and training for all programs through its institutional partnerships. The large variety of training and degree programs offered, allows each student to pursue a course of study that is aligned with their professional aspirations.

The structure of UMNG’s training, including those of its institutes, are in accordance with the license-master-doctorate (LMD) system. The university’s programs facilitate linkages between academic areas and also between training institutes in the CEMAC region.


There are two types of admission processes for the Marien Ngouabi University:

  • admission on consideration of records alone as it corresponds to the requirements of each training program. This is if the mode of admission for the faculties of the UMNG
  • admission through a competitive process, including external competitive exams for bachelor degree candidates and internal competitive exams for government officials. This mode of admission is used by UMNG’s departments and institutes. Quotas are reserved for foreign students for competitive exams organized by UMNG

Training Areas and Disciplines

UMNG courses cover a variety of training areas and disciplines and they correspond to the institutions that make up the university. Current training areas and disciplines include :

  • Administration and Judiciary,
  • Agronomy and Forestry,
  • Law,
  • Management,
    • Insurance, Banking and Finance,
    • Commerce,
    • Accounting
    • General Management,
  • Arts and Human Sciences:
    • Literature,
    • Philosophy,
    • Psychology
    • Sociology,
  • Science:
    • Chemistry,
    • Biology,
    • Mathematics
    • Physics,
  • Economics,
  • Educational Sciences,
  • Physical Education and Sports Science
  • Health Sciences,
    • Medicine,
    • Biomedical Sciences,
    • Nursing,
  • Engineering Science:
    • Civil Engineering,
    • Electrical engineering,
    • Mechanical Engineering,
    • Food Science and Technology.

Through partnerships with the Francophone University Agency (AUF) and the University of Jinan, UMNG offers training in the following areas:

  • Chinese Language and culture,
  • French Language and Culture,
  • Information Technology and Communication (ICT)
  • Information Technology and communication for Teaching