The institution

UMNG is a training and research center. The institution is comprised of 11 centers, including four schools, five faculties, and two institutes. The institution is run by a school council headed by a Dean of Faculty and a Director of Schools and Institutes.

The School Council

The School Council is the deliberative body of the institution. It is tasked with deciding on the school semester, research and training programs, and the institutional budget. It is oversees the educational and scientific organization of teaching and research units and sets the academic calendar. The School Council is chaired by a Dean or Director of Administration.

Dean of Faculty

The Dean of Faculty is selected form among the permanent ranking teaching staff, or, failing that, from among the teachers that are at the rank of Assistant Professor. He is appointed by decree upon the recommendation of the Minister for Higher Education. The Dean of Faculty is responsible for implementing the decisions of the Rector of the University, the Technical Council, and the School Council, exercising hierarchical and disciplinary authority, and for overseeing the operation of the institution.

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