Partnership with professional and regulatory organizations

The University Marien Ngouabi (UMNG) has implemented a policy of active partnership with businesses and national and multinational regulatory structures. Oil companies remain one of our strongest partners (e.g. Total E & P Congo, ENI Congo, Halliburton, Congo Exploration Ltd., etc.), as well as telecommunications companies (e.g. Airtel Congo MTN Congo, Congo Telecom). Strong partnerships also exist with regulatory organizations, such as the Congolese Regulatory Agency for Telecommunications.

These companies provide various forms of support to improve training facilities, strengthen instructor skills, and facilitate the training and employability of students. For example, Total E &P contributed to the development of the Master in Petroleum Engineering at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique (NPHS), and provides some institutions (Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty Economic Science and the NPHS) with trainers, as part of a partnership agreement between the UMNG and the Total Association of Adjunct Professors. Training scholarships abroad are offered to students as part of these agreements. The partnership between UMNG and Airtel Congo and MTN Congo has equipped some institutions with internet facilities for the students.

The UMNG works with a number of business regulatory institutions, including the Pointe-Noire Industrial Association to this list. The partnership agreement with this institution has supported the creation of a Center for Chartered Management (CCM) at the Institute of Management. CCM is tasked with supporting Congolese businesses in improving their management and accounting practices, encouraging them to formalize, and facilitating their access to finance.